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The Surestop Stopcock is a switch alternative to the brass stopcock. Surestop products operate purely using the water pressure within your property without the assistance of Electricity.

Allow us to explain the technical side of things…

The valve (located on your plumbing pipe work) is connected to the ‘remote switch’ by twin-bore flexible tubing. The tubing takes a very small bleed of water from the mains flow, up to the switch on the wall and back into the main stream within your pipe work. When the ‘remote switch’ is changed from the ‘on’ position to the ‘off’ position the flow back from the ‘remote switch’ to the valve is stopped, pushing the flow back on itself, creating higher pressure on the diaphragm top than that within the main flow, closing the valve completely.


The remote switch can be located up to 2 metres away from the remote stopcock as standard - an upgrade kit can be bought for a further 2 metre length of tubing.


All surestop stopcocks are tested before they leave our factory to ensure that they will always work when you get it .

We test to 14 bar of pressure to give us peace of mind that it will work within the tolerances stated.


There is no obligation to test the Surestop regularly, although we recommend doing this for your own peace of mind.


As with all household appliances if you know what you are doing it is simple, so every plumber will know how to fit our product. There are a few items that we know improve the fit, they are…

1. Make sure there are no sharp edges on any pipework inserted into the Surestop valve or switch.

2. Ensure the valve is fitted with the flow arrow (on the bottom of the valve) is in the correct direction

3. Ensure that the flexible pipe connecting the valve and switch is secured by a cable tie and routed to make sure that it does not kink or bend. This can mean changes in the water pressure happen within the valve when they shouldn't, and in some cases may mean that the valve will close but not open.

4. Ensure that the domestic supply is not above 10 bar. If in doubt use a pressure meter to test.

5. Ensure the valve and switch are both in the open position when turning the water on for the first time after fitting the valve. Installation of the product takes around 45 minutes.


You can buy an upgrade kit (Switch and Pipework with no valve).

You can also buy an extension kit which is just an additional two metres of tubing.


As long as you have the proof of purchase receipt, you are covered by our 2 year guarantee, although we do recommend you verify your guarantee your product with us online.

On the valve body and above the switch there will be a 6 digit code which you will need to register online or you can call us on 0121 280 1685.