What's the problem?

A home is a precious thing to everyone - somewhere they live and grow, and somewhere they can take pride in having created for themselves. But keeping a home safe, secure and comfortable can be difficult for those with cognitive impairments, long-term injuries or medical conditions that cause mobility issues. Mental illness, paresis, or even something as well-understood as arthritis can make simple tasks difficult to achieve quickly, and in some cases not achievable at all.

Since time immemorial the biggest risks to homes have been fire and water - and a huge number of solutions to fire damage have been developed. Water damage prevention however has remained in the victorian era - with often-concealed, stiff brass stopcocks.

If someone suffering from motor difficulties is unable to turn off their water stopcock, or someone with poor memory is unable to remember where their well-hidden stopcock is, it could be hours before a relative or neighbour can reach them, and in the meantime even a small leak could cause significant damage to a property. This could have been entirely avoided if the water was able to be turned off sooner.

The Solution

Enter the Surestop Stopcock - this handy device is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It uses water pressure to make turning your water on and off as simple as flicking a light switch. No need to struggle with corroded taps; the Surestop Stopcock is made from glass-filled nylon that will not develop a build-up of limescale or rust. Switching the water off is as simple as pushing the thumb switch on the valve, and letting water pressure do the rest of the work.

Where the Surestop Stopcock truly shines however is when you install the Remote Switch as well. This device again works entirely on water pressure meaning it's perfectly safe to install in almost any location - but unlike your conventional stopcock controls needing to be placed on the pipework, this switch can be located up to 6 metres away from the Surestop Stopcock. This means it can be installed above kitchen counters, in a cupboard, or even eye-level on a wall! All of these locations are easily accessible without needing much dexterity, and easily visible so that if the need to turn the water off does arise, this is as simple as turning off a light.

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