Reduce the Cost of Escape of Water Claims

Escape of water claims costs in the region of £1.8m a day so what impact will the speed of stopping water have?

Exposure to insurers in an Escape of Water claim is often how quickly the water supply stops. So, a delay in finding the turning off the stopcock can have a huge impact.

Most of us are policyholders, but how many of us know the following in our homes or business premises:

  • Where the stopcock is? Is it behind the sink? Behind the cupboard? Under the floorboards?
  • How easy is it to access?
  • Is it easy to turn off? If not is that due to Limescale build up? Many years of re-painting?

Research suggests the potential water loss from a burst pipe in a typical house can equate to 400 litres (two baths full of water) if the water supply is stopped quickly.

However, if left unchecked for a full day, as much as 9,600 litres of water (48 baths full of water) will flow into the home.

In a survey carried out asking 18 - 44 year-olds, “do you know where your stopcock is located?”

  • 45% answered NO!
  • 75% had tried to find it but couldn’t.
  • 25% stated they have never tried to find it.

Where there are vulnerability issues such as mobility or dexterity, the issue multiplies.

Mobility issues restrict the ability to operate the traditional stopcock, so for vulnerable policy holders the challenge to turn water off in time can be even greater.

Ensuring quick access to stopping the flow of water has a fundamental impact on the cost of an escape of water claim.

The Solution

A Surestop stopcock is a unique mechanical device, with no electrical components near the pipework enabling the safe management of water use in the home or business premises. With the simple flick of the switch, the Surestop stopcock instantly turns off mains water while the Surestop iWatercontrol Hub can allow remote monitoring of a water system and allow the homeowner to turn the water off from anywhere in the world. These are easily installed and low-cost safety measures that can prevent the cost of thousands’ of pounds in escape of water claims.

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