Surestop Stopcock MDPE

Surestop Stopcock MPDE is designed to replace the required stopcock at first point of entry to the home. The PolyFit push-fit fitting provides a streamlined connection to the outlet pipe, and the PolyPlumb connection offers a direct connection to the MDPE inlet pipe without the need of an additional adapter.

The valve is produced with two concealed push-fit connections to facilitate upgrading to a remote stopcock at a later date.


  • Instant lockdown switch from the MDPE Stopcock
  • Can easily replace existing brass stopcocks
  • Cold water supply max 23°C at 10 bar
  • 25mm MDPE push-fit inlet
  • 22mm push-fit outlet options, for installation with plastic or copper pipe
  • Push-fit connection also allows for simpler installation of pipe
  • Limescale resistant
  • Two year warranty


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