Water Is At The Heart of COP26 Goals - Here's How We Can All Do Our Bit

Thursday 3rd Feb 2022

In 2021 the United National Climate Change Conference (COP26) took place in Glasgow. Whilst there was much media coverage, both positive and negative, perhaps one of the key messages that may not have been communicated clearly, is that of the four goals set by COP26, water was key to them all!

The goals outlined at COP26 are:

1 - Secure global net zero by mid-century and keep 1.5 degrees within reach

2 - Adapt to protect communities and natural habitats

3 - Mobilise finance

4 - Work together to deliver

We recognise that there is much work to be done on a global scale and that all four goals will require co-operation and influence from the major players across the world. However, if we all do our bit it will all help. Doing something, is better than doing nothing at all, and the Surestop team is proud to play its part in continuing to develop products that help to control water supply in properties and detect leaks.

Wasting water in the UK

In addition to leak management, it is also worth highlighting other ways in which we can use water responsibly. With some alarming statistics on water wastage, it seems that many adults may still not think that they are wasting water when going about their daily lives. However,

  • How many of us still leave the tap running whilst brushing teeth, or peeling vegetables?
  • How many use hosepipes and sprinklers to keep our grass green during the summer months?
  • How many of us run the tap for ages in the warmer months to get a cold drink of water, when a jug or glass bottle in the fridge would give cold water whenever you wanted it?

And, with further statistics in a country that is perceived to be wet and drizzly, it may come as a surprise to hear that the UK has less rainfall per person than our northern European neighbours, and that London is drier than Istanbul.

Using water responsibly

So, whilst global politicians are working out ways that we can use this most precious commodity in a better way, what can we do as UK citizens to reduce our water consumption? As well as stopping the habits mentioned previously, we can also…

  • Take short showers rather than long, lingering ones or baths. You could save up to 50 litres when comparing the average shower to the average bath that typically uses around 80 litres.
  • Don’t flush things down the loo that shouldn’t be there such as cotton buds, wipes, cleansing pads etc. Not only are they horrendous for our drainage system they use way too much water as well.
  • Fill up dishwashers and washing machines and make sure you know which are the eco-settings so that you can wash wisely.


A Surestop solution

In addition to managing our own individual water consumption in a responsible way, it is also possible to fit a Surestop solution to enable water supplies to be turned off with ease should a leak arise.

Surestop gives homeowners, landlords, property owners, and those with dexterity issues, greater control when compared with a traditional brass stopcock. When it is apparent that a 3mm hole in a metal pipe at 40psi leaks 8,450 litres in 24hrs, a Surestop solution is the only sensible way to manage water supplies on our homes and small commercial properties in a way that is befitting of awareness and responsibility in the twenty first century.

We know that there is much to be achieved globally, however our solutions can play a significant part in managing water leaks and saving whatever water we can.

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