Scottish Council Shows Why Surestop Is So Simple

Monday 11th Oct 2021

A council in Scotland, that has fitted Surestop water control solutions to all its social housing properties, has made a short video detailing why Surestop is such a winning solution.

North Lanarkshire Council, which has chosen Surestop as part of its upgrade programme, details how easy it is to find a Surestop switch and to turn the water off using it, rather than searching for traditional stopcocks that can be hard to locate and hard to turn off. The video, intended to assist residents, also highlights the benefits of Surestop water control solutions to councils or landlords, indeed anyone who has tenants in property that they own.



The Surestop Switch enables residents at any of the council’s properties to turn off the water supply should a leak occur with ease and confidence even if they have dexterity or mobility issues.  And, it’s not just North Lanarkshire Council that can benefit from this – any local council or housing management company could reap the same benefits by fitting a Surestop switch that takes just 30 minutes and could save thousands of pounds in water damage, should a leak occur.

At this particular council, the switches have generally been fitted above kitchen worktops or in other easy to access locations, and residents are made aware of what it is, and when it should be used.

Surestop water control solutions are particularly useful in areas where hard water is present as they are unaffected by this type of water. This means that whereas a traditional stopcock may cease up in hard water areas, a Surestop stopcock switch will continue to work. So, in addition to damage limitation, there are other benefits that are far-reaching.



Fitting a Surestop water control solution means that property owners and property managers can limit the damage that may occur as a result of a water leak.

In addition to minimising potential water damage, considerable cost benefits can also be reaped. With the Association of British Insurers (ABI) reporting that they pay out £2.5m every day to people who make ‘escape of water’ claims, a Surestop water control solution can play a significant part in reducing these costs and also the inconvenience associated with water damage to homes and properties.

Suffice to say, if you own a rental property or manage properties either for local authorities or private companies, ensuring a Surestop switch is installed, in an easy to reach, easy to access location has the potential to save you money, save unnecessary damage and give you and your tenants increased peace of mind.

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