Plumbers & Installers

"The Surestop range of stopcocks and water switches can help protect your customers homes from the risk of water damage and can help generate additional revenue for your business"

As a plumber or installer...

  • You will have struggled to locate brass stopcocks in homes that you have worked in and then not been able to turn off the stopcock off if you are able to locate it.
  • You will also have seen first-hand the damage and distress that can be caused by burst pipes and water leaks.
  • You will have many customers who cannot access their brass stopcock or find it difficult to use.

Plumber Parts YouTube Channel

If you are an avid user of YouTube, you will know about James, the face of the Plumber Parts YouTube channel. He kindly featured the Surestop in a video explaining the benefits of the product and how simple it is to install!



Surestops are available from all of the UK’s leading plumbers merchants, there is a list of retailers on this website. We recommend that you should always carry a Surestop on your van ideally both 15mm and 22mm. Its far more cost effective for you to fit a Surestop while you are in someone’s home rather than having to come back later.


You can download the Surestop video which you can play back on a smartphone or a DVD to help explain the Surestop to your customers.

Also you can provide your potential customers with 'Surestop Leaflets' available in the support materials above, alternatively we can send you leaflets in the post, just email

A 'special offer' flyer with a box for "Installer Name", "Contact" and "Quoted Price" will also be made available soon!