Smart Controls

Bring your water supply into the 21st Century!

Water controls haven't changed much have they? Since the Victorian era we've been using stiff brass stopcocks to simply turn our entire water supply on and off; difficult to find, difficult to access and difficult to use thanks to limescale seizing up the tap.

Luckily, Surestop has a very smart solution. The Surestop i-Watercontrol system uses a glass-filled nylon valve to quickly turn the water off at a moment's notice - not using those awkward to reach taps but instead at the push of a button or the tap of an app!

Modern technology deals with age-old problems

Surestop has invested in technology that has been developed with one sole aim; to protect property from the risk of water damage. This is delivered through an integrated smart technology app which allows the water to be turned on and off remotely via a smart device (phone or tablet) or PC, ideal for unoccupied properties or for the occasions when a water leak is detected and the property owner is not in. If you’re the homeowner, think of the peace of mind this simple app could give you in protecting your most valuable assets?

What are the benefits?

For property owners, you can sleep soundly no matter where you are in the world. With leak detectors available to send you a notification if an escape of water is detected, you can turn your water off remotely in just a few quick taps from the app - whether you're located in your living room, at the office or beside a pool in a mediterranean hotel. Enjoy knowing that even if there's a leaky pipe to come back to, your property is protected until you're ready to take action on it.

For installers, it gives you the ability to reassure customers through how easy it is to operate. Prevention really is better than the cure in terms of water damage - and to prevent that damage you need to be able to turn the water off quickly and easily. As mentioned above, a manual control like a stopcock or isolation valve can be difficult to turn off or simply awkward to access - meaning more time spent watching water seep through carpets, furnishings and woodwork.

Showing your customers that there is a better, faster and easier way should be all the encouragement one should need to install a Surestop i-Watercontrol system today!

How does it work?

The Surestop i-Wtercontrol Hub connects to the internet and acts as an intermediary between a smart device such as your phone or PC and a Control Unit physically connected to your Surestop Valve. By simply tapping a button on the app or pressing a button on the control unit itself, you're able to turn your water on and off wherever you are, at any time. Simple to use and simple to fit, installation can take as little as ten minutes - and with a straightforward pairing process between Surestop devices, you can be up and running in 20.

System maintenance

The Surestop i-water control valve can bring a new dimension to maintenance of empty properties too. If you’re a landlord or property manager water at empty properties can be turned on and off again and again with just the swipe of an app giving easy maintenance and supply to new occupants whenever it is needed.  And, when properties are unoccupied for long periods of time it allows water to be run through the system remotely so that when the system is needed again optimum system efficiencies can be enjoyed.

Sometimes the simple things really are the best and our new Surestop i-water control is that; simple, smart, intelligent and effective.