Surestop Stopcock with 6 metre Remote Switch (15mm Pushfit)

This patented Surestop Stopcock not only allows for easy isolation of the water supply but also comes with a Remote Switch that can be discreetly fitted either on a wall or in an easy to reach cupboard, to allow greater ease of access and convenience. This makes it ideal for those properties with inaccessible or hard to reach conventional stopcocks where the pipework is barely accessible; or simply for situations where the water needs isolating on a regular basis.


Once the valve is fitted and the Remote Switch attached the water supply can then be instantly stopped by pressing the button on the simple, remote switch or via the master switch on the Surestop Stopcock itself.


Requiring no electrics, this product comprises of a 15mm pushfit Stopcock water Valve and an extended water pressure operated Remote Switch that can be located up to six metres from the valve.

Product code

SS/15/RPL -06

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Product Information


  • Tubing Length: 6m
  • Max Bar at 23°C: 10
  • Gravity Fed Systems BAR Pressure to Open Valve: 0.5
  • Colour: White/Pink
  • Warranty: 2 Years