i-watercontrol Valve and Control Unit (22mm)

This additional stopcock valve for the Surestop i-watercontrol ecosystem allows you to add remote control of the water supply to your property or a part of that property - giving you peace of mind that at any time, you can turn the water on or off with a simple tap of the Surestop app.

This product consists of a 22mm pushfit Stopcock water Valve safe for use with potable water and a battery-powered control unit that can be located up to two metres away from the valve.

This product will not work on its own and needs to be paired with a Surestop i-watercontrol Hub to operate remotely.

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Product Information

  • Max Bar at 23°C: 10
  • Gravity Fed Systems BAR Pressure to Open Valve: 0.5
  • Tubing Length: 2m
  • Colour: White/Pink
  • Warranty: 2 Years