i-watercontrol Homepack (22mm)

The Surestop i-watercontrol Homepack allows you to control your water supply from anywhere - your garden, your lounge; even on holiday across the world!

Our smart i-watercontrol product consists of an internet-connected Surestop i-watercontrol Hub, a 22mm pushfit Stopcock water Valve safe for use with potable water, a battery-powered control unit that can be located up to two metres away from the valve.

The controller can be operated locally via buttons on its face, or sent commands via the Surestop web portal or app.

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Product Information

  • Max Bar at 23°C: 10
  • Gravity Fed Systems BAR Pressure to Open Valve: 0.5
  • Tubing Length: 2m
  • Colour: White/Pink
  • Warranty: 2 Years