Earth Cross Bonding Kit, 22mm

As Surestop valves are made from a non-conductive material, it should be noted that the electrical earthing of the pipework would be interrupted by an installation that doesn't have any other grounding connection. In this event, an Earth Cross Bonding kit should be installed; acting as an electrical bridge over the Surestop unit. This device simply connects to the copper pipework either side of the Surestop Valve to complete a circuit back to the earth; ensuring that electrical safety is maintained.


This product is not required where the Surestop valve is being fitted onto plastic pipework; and is intended for use on copper pipes only.


Product contains one 22mm Earth Cross Bonding Kit, also available in 15mm (SS/15/EBK).

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Product Information

  • Max Bar at 23°C: 10
  • Minimum Bar at all Water Temperatures: 0.5
  • Gravity Fed Systems BAR Pressure to Open Valve: 0.5