Valuing Water on World Water Day And Beyond

Monday 15th Mar 2021

World Water Day takes place each year on 22nd March and this year has an over-arching theme of ‘Valuing Water’.

The concept was originally proposed in Agenda 21 at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in 1992 and, later that year, the UN General Assembly adopted resolution A/RES/47/193 which saw the 22nd March each year thereafter declared as World Water Day.

The first took place in 1993 and it is there to celebrate water, whilst raising awareness of the 2.2 billion people that don’t have access to safe water.

This year, the foundation is asking ‘What does water mean to you’?  And we’ve got our answer ready – it’s about managing it and saving it wherever possible. We are in a very fortunate position in the UK with access to clean and sanitary water everywhere, however, WRAS still report that around 80% of Brits are still guilty of wasting water regularly.

Whilst the Surestop team can’t educate an entire population there is much we can do to minimise the waste of water through leaks in the home and ensure that all homeowners and landlords can access the stopcock in their homes with ease.

Same values, different way

We are proud that we have the same values as World Water Day, we just show them in a different way.

We are committed to developing a range of products that help to control water supply into our homes and as such, when a leak is detected, it is much easier to turn off the water supply either in person, or remotely, should you choose our i-water control and associated app.

For us, it’s about educating people to know where their stop cock is – amazingly four in five 18 -24 year olds* don’t think to ask where the main stop cock is when they move into a new home! And, if you’re a landlord that has properties unoccupied for periods of time, imagine the water you could save if you were alerted to a leak and could turn the water supply off remotely.

Embracing technology

Whilst some of the water saving issues remain more of an awareness and education challenge such as encouraging people to shower rather than bathe, turn off the tap when cleaning their teeth or not using hosepipes, the advancement of technology can also help in managing our water consumption.

Smart water meters are following on from smart energy meters, and allow households to monitor their individual water consumption and adjust accordingly to make both water and financial savings.

And, of course, our i-water control combined with the app allows smart and remote control of water supplies and enhanced leak detection.

Saving water and managing our water usage and supply remains a high priority for water companies, consumers and industry professionals alike, and installing or specifying Surestop valves will undoubtedly help in our ongoing quest to manage our water supply responsibly.  

More info on our product range can be find here.

*Statistics from WRAS


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