Manchester Housing Provider Installs Surestop As Standard

Monday 15th Nov 2021


A Manchester housing provider, that delivers housing solutions to the citizens of Manchester, has made a move to install only Surestop products to control the water supplies to each individual home.

One Manchester, a not-for-profit registered social landlord who offers affordable housing within the East and South of the city of Manchester, has worked with its contractors John Southworth Builders to ensure all residents were easily able to have independent control of their water supply, and that maintenance contractors were able to access that supply with ease too.

The low carbon development at Blackrock Street also utilised other products within the development to make the properties as sustainable as possible. Embracing the Passivhaus model the energy efficient properties include air source heat pumps for hot water and solar panels for energy.



The Surestop water control solution means the water supply can be isolated with the flick of a switch that is wall mounted in an easy to access position. It enables residents who may be young, elderly or disabled to identify and operate the switch allowing the water supply to be turned off virtually instantaneously. It has proven to be so successful in past projects that the contractor now only installs this solution as opposed to the traditional brass stopcock which can be hard to access and difficult to operate for anyone with dexterity issues due to a difficult ‘tap head’ shape.

Whilst it delivers clear benefits for housing providers such as One Manchester who support residents to own their homes through range of tenures such a low cost rent, shared ownership, rent to buy and affordable rent (80% of market value), it also has a firm place in all homes whether new build or as a replacement for old stop cocks that may leak, be hard to operate or have been affected by limescale, a by-product of hard water which affects around 60% of homes in the UK.

The Surestop switch solution permits the residents and homeowners to turn off the water should a leak occur, and this can prevent costly damage occurring until maintenance teams are able to attend the property.



Steve Brown, John Southworth Builders, contractors for One Manchester development commented; “From the first time we installed Surestop products we knew that there would be no going back to the traditional stopcock. In addition to it delivering great benefits for those that live in the homes, it is also super easy to install as it is more flexible as to where we can locate it.

“It really is a game changer in terms of water control and preventing the inconvenience and cost associated with leaks in the home, no matter how big or small they are water truly does seem to get everywhere and can quickly cause problematic damage. We would highly recommend the Surestop switch as the best way to provide isolation for domestic water supplies and would urge more housebuilders across both the social and private housing sectors to install Surestop.”

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