How to Install A Surestop Valve and Switch - A Step by Step Guide

Monday 5th Oct 2020



Step 1

As is standard, ensure you have a good clear work area.  Locate and identify the main stop cock.  Once the stop cock is located, isolate the water supply and drain, ensuring no water is left.


Step 2

Select location for Surestop valve, this is ideally suited to be as close as possible to the switch however, the product does come with pipe of up to 2 metres and can be extended up to 6 metres to give some flexibility. However, it is important to ensure there are no other cold draw offs between the stopcock and the Surestop valve.



Step 3

Once the ideal location is selected, measure 34mm (15mm valve) or 53mm (22mm valve) of plastic pipe and remove the section, to accept the Surestop valve. With plastic pipe, inserts must be used. Mark the pipes with a K mark at 25mm from each end to indicate complete insertion.  Insert both pipe ends into the Surestop valve up to the K marks ensuring both are fully inserted.

Tip: Silicon lubrication maybe used to aid pipe insertion.


Step 4

Select the location for switch unit, it can be situated up to 6 metres from the valve, in a cupboard or in an easy to access exposed position. 


Step 5

Measure the distance between the Surestop valve then cut the provided pipe to size. 

Tip: Use blue cutting guide provided to ensure a square cut giving a more precise fit

Connect pipe into both Surestop valve and switch.  Isolate valve and switch, reinstate mains water supply being mindful of pipes being inserted correctly avoiding any leaks.

Using clips provided fix pipe for a neat finish.


To test, turn on original stopcock and ensure Surestop valve is open, making sure the nearest tap outlet is turned on, press switch to off ensuring waterflow ceases.  Switch back on to reinstate water flow and the set-up is now complete.


To watch an installation click here

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