Control Mains Water Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

Tuesday 8th Oct 2019

The humble stopcock, often found under domestic kitchen sinks, underwent a revolution a few years ago when we first launched Surestop and now the launch of Surestop i-water control, will make life even easier!

Whether you are an installer, homeowner, landlord, property agent or property manager for a local authority you will know that water damage from leaking pipes can prove extremely costly. With Surestop i-water control the ability to control water away from the property is realised for the first time and is a real game changer.


Modern technology deals with age old problem

We’ve invested in some great technology which has been developed with one sole aim; to protect property from the age-old risk of water damage. This is delivered through an integrated smart technology app which allows the water to be turned on and off remotely via a smart devise (phone or tablet), ideal for unoccupied properties or for the occasions when a water leak is detected and the property owner is not in. If you’re the homeowner, think of the peace of mind this simple app could give you in protecting your most valuable asset?


What are the benefits?

We think you’ll realise the benefits immediately after many call outs to burst pipes and radiators, leaking taps and tanks – all of which can do considerable damage if left unchecked and are renowned for wasting the precious commodity that is water.

For installers, it gives you the ability to reassure customers as to how easy it is to install and operate. Prevention really is better than the cure in such a situation and to give your customers even more reassurance you could register as a Surestop Platinum Installer.

So, whether it’s for a homeowner client, a building with multiple residents or a local authority house it’s a great addition to minimising costly water damage saving thousands in repairs and the inconvenience that brings and one which we think should be the new alternative to the traditional stopcock.


How does it work?

Simply put, the i-water control valve and remote controller is battery operated and is so easy to fit. It takes just 30 minutes and can be installed up to 6 metres away from the valve itself giving complete flexibility. It can be used in conjunction with the Honeywell leak detector and in which case, when water is detected, an alert is sent to the app giving you the option to turn off your water supply at the source with the swipe of the app.


System maintenance

The Surestop i-water control valve can bring a new dimension to maintenance of empty properties too. If you’re a landlord or property manager water at empty properties can be turned on and off again and again with just the swipe of an app giving easy maintenance and supply to new occupants whenever it is needed.  And, when properties are unoccupied for long periods of time it allows water to be run through the system remotely so that when the system is needed again optimum system efficiencies can be enjoyed.

Sometimes the simple things really are the best and our new Surestop i-water control is that; simple, smart, intelligent and effective.

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