Are people born between 1996 and 2006 the key to water saving education in the UK?

Tuesday 7th Apr 2020

It has been found that Gen Z, the people that are born between 1996 and 2006, are the generation that are perhaps most pivotal in water saving responsibilities and awareness.


We’re interested in the water industry and all that pertains to it and we were really interested to see the results of a study undertaken by and a University of Bristol student.


Martha Makin, a Social Policy Student, researched Gen Z and their water usage, behaviours and resources and this is what she found;


  • 97% of Generation Z thought that they were equally, if not more, environmentally-friendly than their parents. 


  • 82% of respondents knew that there was embedded water in their clothes and food, contributing to their carbon footprint. Hidden water is an issue which Waterwise had previously thought that the general public wasn’t aware of. 


  • We wanted to discover what advice Gen Z had been given by their education institutions on water efficiency or the environment in general. 64% of respondents said that they had received no information from their school, college or university. This group appear to be educated on the topic yet have not received this via formal routes. Could it be possible that Gen Z has been influenced by social media campaigns, TV broadcasts or books on the environment rather than school?


  • In understanding the water behaviours of Generation Z, it was clear that they have significantly more showers than baths and that the average shower time is 4-8 minutes, however, some admitted to showering for over 12 minutes! A campaign targeted at a behaviour change of Gen Z could concentrate on reducing this to 4 minute


From our perspective, this is a very interesting study and shows that those currently aged between 24 and 34 are perhaps those that will be most interested in water saving technologies. Not only are they technologically savvy they are keen to explore ways in which water can be saved which means, they will, undoubtedly, begin to spread the word to homeowners across the span of generations about how water saving is important and how indeed how our Surestop products can support this.


It is also this generation that can be pivotal in education to those both younger and older in how the combination of education and technology can help us all become more water aware. A responsibility of everyone, not just Gen Z.



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