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So what's wrong with the brass stopcock, we've been selling and installing them for the last 100 years?

Very true, but it is a product that is now really showing its age. 100 years ago we lit our homes with gas lamps, heated them with coal fires and controlled mains water with a brass stopcock. While there has been massive innovation since then in heating and lighting, water control hasn't progressed at all over the last 100 years.  

The stopcock is normally hidden behind kitchen units, and out of sight is out of mind. Research has shown that 30% of the population don't know where their stopcock is located. As a result we've all forgotten how damaging water can be, so when we leave our homes unattended few of us turn off the mains water. During the cold snap in December 2010 there were in the UK over 103,000 insurance claims for burst water pipes at an average cost of £6600 per claim.

How does the Surestop help solve this problem?

The Surestop product range moves water control into the 21st century making it visible, accessible and easy to use. It makes turning off mains water as easy as turning a light switch on or off.

Our latest product is the Remote Stopcock which is a direct replacement for a brass stopcock. It consists of a valve which is installed into the mains water supply, which is connected by two metres of flexible twin bore tubing to a switch which is then located in a convenient position for the user. This is typically above the worktop or just inside the kitchen cupboard door. 

This allows you to easily turn off mains water in an emergency and every time you leave your home unattended.  The Surestop is easy to fit and is powered by water pressure and needs no batteries or electricity.

Who are the main customers for the Surestop product range?

The Surestop is specified by over 250 different local authorities and housing associations, leading house builders and a wide range of installers from independent plumbers through to huge groups such as British Gas and Homeserve.


How do we order?

Oders should be faxed to 0845 643 1801 or you can call 0121 280 1685. On receipt we will confirm you order back to you. Please ensure you include the correct product code on your order.

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