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protecting property from the risk of water damage

Abertay Housing Association reduce the impact of reactive repairs, with help from Polypipe Surestop

Polypipe Surestop's uniquely designed Remote Stopcock has been specified to assist in meeting the objective of reducing reactive repairs to a local housing project

Abertay Housing Association, situated in the heart of Dundee, provides 1,800 well managed homes to those in need of accommodation. Tenants residing in the properties can range from families to sheltered accommodation occupants. With high demand for housing stock, it is important for Abertay Housing Association to maintain existing stock, which it plans to achieve through its planned maintenance programme.

The programme was developed to meet the housing association’s objective to reduce the frequency of reactive repairs in aging stock. This includes water damage to properties. The original design of each property included a traditional stopcock located in areas that have now become difficult for the tenants to reach, thus meaning in the event of an emergency, tenants may struggle to turn off their water supply.

Within the planned maintenance programme, Surestop proposed the installation of its Surestop Remote Stopcock in the 350 properties included in the programme. A SS/22/RPL model has been fitted, or is planned to be fitted throughout 2016, in the kitchen of each property.

Abertay Housing Association’s customer service team are now able to provide a simple solution to tenants who contact them in an emergency, advising them how to quickly turn off water. Overall the Surestop Stopcock has allowed for preventative measures to be put in place, assisting in meeting the objective of reducing the impact and frequency of repairs through minimising the risk of water damage.

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