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Installer FAQ's

Please find as follows a few of the frequently asked questions on surestop products. 

What size pipework does Surestop fit onto?

-  Our whole range fits onto 15mm and 22mm piping, the New Build adapter fits onto 20mm and 25mm inlet pipework adapting onto 15mm or 22mm. 

What type of pipework will Surestop fit onto?

-  All products fit onto copper or plastic piping, the new build product fits onto standard MDPE pipework.

Can a surestop be fitted as a replacement stop cock or as a secondary device?

-  The Surestop is WRAS Approved as a direct replacement for the brass stopcock, apart from the service valve which must be fitted as a secondary device. 

Does the surestop have to be fitted a certain way or can I put the stopcock in diagonally?

-  The Surestop must be fitted either horizontally or vertically – the product cannot be fitted diagonally. 

-  The Surestop valve must also be fitted in the correct direction of flow of water (shown on the valve body).




Can you isolate the water with a surestop?

- Yes, the Surestop stops the flow of water at the location of the product valve – once the Surestop is switched off no more water will enter the property until it is turned on again. 

Can you buy replacement parts? i.e. switch or tubing?

-  Yes, simply e-mail us on installer@surestop.co.uk or call 0845 643 1800.

What is the maximum working temperature of the surestop?

-  Cold water supply maximum 23 degrees at 10 bar pressure

-  Hot water supply max 60 degrees at 3 bar pressure. 

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